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  Form submission: Gun License Application
Posted by: James Bellucchi - 01-13-2020, 01:27 PM - Forum: Gun Licensing Applications - No Replies

Your legal name: James Bellucchi

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Current Address: St.Pierre Commerce Num.11

Have you ever been convicted of crime?: No , i have not.

Why do you need a weapon license?: As i am a fair citizen of San Andreas , i would like to have a weapon permit in order if i get pulled over , and having a gun on me , and not having the weapon permit , i am fair gentlemen who is not abusing a gun on anyone , especially for my need , i am giving an oath that i will not do anything for my need with the weapon , i would just like to have a weapon permit , Thank you!

Do you have anger management issues?: Of course not.

Are you on any prescribed drugs related to psychical related problems? : No , i am not.

Do you agree that your data will be processed and your personal information used to conduct a background check?: Yes, I do agree.

  Form submission: Gun License Application
Posted by: Su Tao - 01-11-2020, 05:48 PM - Forum: Approved - No Replies

Your legal name: Su Tao

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Current Address: N/A

Have you ever been convicted of crime?: No.

Why do you need a weapon license?: To protect myself and others from any incoming harm.

Do you have anger management issues?: No.

Are you on any prescribed drugs related to psychical related problems? : No.

Do you agree that your data will be processed and your personal information used to conduct a background check?: Yes, I do agree.

  LAPD Divisions
Posted by: LiquiD - 12-30-2019, 03:32 PM - Forum: Los Angeles Police Department - No Replies

The Los Angeles Police Department is split up into four separate divisions, all headed up by a member of the High Command team. Under each division, there is several units that all specialize in different areas.

Custody Services Division(CSD)
Custody Services Division’s primary mission is to discharge its legal duties and responsibilities promptly and efficiently while ensuring that individuals are provided professional and dignified treatment. Custody Services Division serves as an integral support element. The Los Angeles Police Department is under no statutory obligation to provide or maintain its own jail system but does so because of the vital support and assistance it renders both to the community and to the various law enforcement agencies it services.
Special Weapons and Tactics(SWAT)
SWAT responds upon the request of the Incident Commander (IC) to barricade/hostage episodes, and/or suicide intervention, as well as initiate service of high risk warrants for all Department entities.The Incident Commander shall request SWAT when at a barricaded or hostage incident when the suspect is probably armed; the suspect is believed to have been involved in a criminal act or is a significant threat to the lives and safety of the public and/or police; the suspect is in a position of advantage, affording cover and concealment or is contained in an open area and the presence or approach of police officers could precipitate an adverse reaction by the suspect; and, the suspect refuses to submit to arrest.
Detective Bureau(DB)
The Detective Bureau consists of plainclothes detectives tasked with conducting a broad range of investigative assignments. The Detective Bureau cooperates with other city, state, and federal agencies in investigating incidents, utilizing task forces or other cooperative means. LAPD detectives conduct specialized or follow-up investigative work. Just a few of the assignments of LAPD detectives include: juvenile crimes, internal affairs, robbery, homicide, undercover narcotics, etc.
Internal Affairs
The internal affairs refers to a division of a law enforcement agency that investigates incidents and possible suspicions of law breaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force. It is thus a mechanism of limited self-governance, "a police force policing itself". In different systems, internal affairs can go by other names such as internal investigations division (usually referred to as IID), professional standards, inspectorate general, Office of Professional Responsibility, internal review board, or similar.
Training Unit

The Training Unit is to provide training for academy students, in-service officers, and police personnel who avail for further training. This entails for; regular and up-to-date academies to take place and of course the broad spectrum of in service training to take place (firearms training, advanced driving courses, first aid training). The unit has three management ranks respectively

  Form submission: Gang Application
Posted by: Menace - 12-29-2019, 06:49 PM - Forum: Approved - Replies (3)

Gang Name: Wolves Of Mayhem MC

Gang Leader: Menace_Lee

Gang Co-Leaders: Not Yet "Still Looking"

Background and story:
Menace's Story

The Wolves Of Mayhem Motorcycle Club also known as (WMMC), a gang led by Menace Lee rides into Red County, California, during a motorcycle circuits.

Cr*Logo Images From: GTAFORUMS
[Image: 7i02vKY.png]
Menace "Wolf" Lee
Was Born on 13th March of 1963, Red County California.

Menace Lee was Raised by his Grandmother until he is in High School,
In 1975, high school student Menace Lee, son of an (European Asian) Eurasian-American father and Mexican-American mother, becomes enamored of the criminal life and Motorcycle Club presence in his working class Spanish-American neighborhood in Los Santos, El Corona and begins working for local tessio "T-Bone" Mendez and his associates: Cesar "Vato" Vialpando, an Mexican-American truck hijacker and gangster; and Carl "CJ" Johnson, a fellow juvenile delinquent. Menace begins as a thug for Cesar, gradually working his way up to more serious crimes. Enjoying the perks of their criminal life, the three associates spend most of their nights in the 1970s at the Alhambra Nightclub, carousing with women. Menace starts dating Pia Martinez, a Mexican-Italian woman from the Little Italia area of Los Santos. Initially troubled by Menace's criminal activities, Pia is eventually seduced by his glamorous lifestyle. Despite her parents' disapproval, on their relationship.
In 1985, a jealous Pia harasses Menace's mistress Kate and holds Menace at gunpoint. Menace moves in with Kate, but T-Bone insists he return to Pia after collecting a debt from a gambler in Las Venturas with Cesar. Upon returning, Cesar and Menace are arrested after being turned in by the gambler's sister, an FIB typist, and receive two-year prison sentences. In order to support his family on the outside, Menace has drugs smuggled in by Pia and sells them to a fellow inmate from Red County. In 1989, Menace is paroled and expands this cocaine business against T-Bone's orders, soon involving Cesar and Carl Johnson. 
After a month of parole Menace and his friends got High-jacked by a business rival gangs on the pavement of Red County Hospital parking lot, killing Cesar and Carl Johnson on his hands, Menace was shocked after that, he saw his friend's lifeless body on the sidewalk pavement, that drive by incident making him suffer more emotional pain. Luckily Menace wasn't hit, just a scratch on his right shoulder, making by the bullet pierce on Cesar's body. After a few minutes of shouting for help, suddenly Menace got caught, by the Red County Police Officers, interviewed him for a while and no any other heavy evidence on him to blame, so they decided to sentenced him in prison for 2 years without any parole.
Starting in jail, he knew it would change after a month, Pia's not visiting him anymore, his Family moved out of the country.
A year after, Menace been serving a while now, he doesn't have any news about Pia nor his Family outside even T-Bone, he's been thinking so much, remembering anything, blaming himself and regretting the things he done, what did i do? This words are marked on his mind, questioning himself all day to find an answer.
Then suddenly some old friend of his surprisingly visits him, Menace feel emotional and excited when he heard the familiar voice, but the result is he is not happy, his old friend told him a lot of stories that making him more uncomfortable and emotional. Menace Mother died of sickness while his Father was busy making dough out of town, and after that his Father moved out of the Country without any concerns about him after his Mother died, then there goes Pia she married a Rich White Guy named "Torino" out on San Fierro.
After the conversation ends, Menace was sad and mad, feeling guilty and want to take a revenge, hearing nothing but a beep sound of silence after he is back on his cell, Menace start to deep thinking. saying "My Girlfriend left me, and so my Mother and Father was". What did i do? he said to himself again. Do i really need to change, start a new life? 
After 2 years of suffering in the hole of Satan, Menace was released in Prison. Starting a new life, Menace decided to go in Los Santos, Menace was satisfied about the result of his personality and improvement self. He became more faithful, respectable and polite to anyone, he even get a nice and cozy job after all of that, he started as a cook on a Chinese Restaurant and making some good cash earned from hard working. 
A few months later, Menace decided to go back into Red County visits some folks of him and look for a complete answer, but nothing surprise him there. everyone in there was new people roaming around except for the Old man who visits him in Prison, even T-Bone and his other friends are gone, some folks say T-Bone been gone back to Mexico when Menace is in jail. 
A day after, Menace decided to go back to Los Santos, He said "Maybe i'll get the chance here to make a new beginning", Menace was inspired when he thinks about how about i make a Family start a new Business of my own and meet people, treat them well and respect them, and i want to ride a Motorcycle again just like my Dad's Motorcycle Club Affliction when i was a kid.
This is the story will begin about his Motorcycle Club Business and Corp.

Gang Rules: No Bloody Death-Matching, Power-Gaming, Meta-Gaming, Character Kill, Revenge Killing.
Stick into our Role-play
We can take a Revenge if one of our member died but he cannot join us to get revenge.
1. If you join us you'll forever be apart of us, dying (Permanently) is the only way out.
2. Must show respect to any and all Full Patched Members.
1. Prospect's primary assignment is to protect all full patch members.(Always have a weapon out, unless told otherwise)
2. All prospects will be hazed.
3. Prospects will be allowed to attend rides.
4. Prospects are
not allowed inside the club house.
5. Prospects will pick up full patched members when spawned in session.
6. Do not ask about club business.
7. If members saw you on any other rival group making conversations, you will be kicked. (Permanently)
8. Prospect only wear the skin that's provided to them.
1. Never back-down from a fight (Fist, Gun or Knife)
2. Rank promotions are earned, not given (Don't Ask Twice or will be Kicked)
3. Always back up a fellow brothers in a fight!  Never fight with each other.
4. No Other Skins "(Only Provided One)
5. Don't Wear The President/Vice nor Founder Skin.
6. Members may vote for THEIR Charter only.
7. The Last One, All Chapters will ride together.  Keep the Nation Strong!
Keep following the Server Rules! Don't Break Anything.

Do you have at least $50.000 in your bank?: No

Rank List: Rank 9: Founder
Rank 8: President
Rank 7: Vice President
Rank 6: SGT at Arms
Rank 5: Road Captain
Rank 4: Secretary
Rank 3: Treasurer
Rank 2: Enforcer
Rank 1: Prospect

List your starting members: Menace_Lee (Still Waiting For The Others To Support)

Gang Skins: Skin ID: 100 (SGT at Arms, Road Captain)
Skin ID: 247, 254 (Enforcer, Treasurer, Secretary)
Skin ID : 51, 52 (Prospect)
Skin ID: 248 (President, Vice President).
SKIN ID: 122 (Founder My Skin)

Gang Vehicles: 2 Yosemite
2 (Like SOA Weapon Smuggling) FBI or Simple Rancher
5 Wayfarer
6 Freeway
Car Location: Park Near our HQ

Gang HQ: I can't choose between these two, maybe you guys decide. [Image: enb_2019_12_30_02_28_04_58.bmp]Idlewood or Ganton[Image: L.bmp]

Gang HQ Interior: Interior ID: 151 [Image: wKq5lwt.jpg] And Interior ID 51/105 or Check this out "https://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=475633"

Level of the gang leader: 1

Why should you be given a slot over any other gang?: I've been a co-leader of a gang last 2015 back when i was Role-playing hard with my friends, and already make my own gang before. The last gang that i managed was Tiny Rascals Gang on a Not truly hosted server but has a lot of players, every rules i followed, no any hate about me for being a gang leader. it lasted for about 6 months before i quit playing and handed it to one of my trusted friends. When the server is down i decided to stop playing SAMP, now i forgot a lot of things about it and starting again is making me feel more inspired by improving the things that been forgotten.

Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?: Yes

  LAPD Officer Handbook
Posted by: LiquiD - 12-29-2019, 06:09 PM - Forum: Los Angeles Police Department - No Replies

Shots Fired:

* Spend a moment evaluating the situation. Just because someone is discharging a weapon doesn't always make them a threat, they could be an off duty/undercover officer and/or a carded civilian protecting themselves within the law.
* Run to cover.
* Pop out from cover and pick your shots.
* Give chase if you're sure you won't be shot as a result.
* Use TS and give us vitals on the number of shooters, etc.


* R Run toward, around or past an active shooter The only place you should be running is to cover. Don't try and get close by chicken running at him, it looks really bad.
* Stay in the open and hope for the best.
* Spray wildly.
* Bug abuse. You get caught using any quick-shooting bugs, whatever, count yourself done in this department.
* Strafe. Yes, the people shooting at you will, but this just doesn't happen IRL.
* Set up where you could take cross-fire. Don't surround someone in a circle, as if one person fired and missed or the shot exited the suspect, it would hit the officer opposite.
* Scream in vent.
* Continue to shoot when the threat no longer exists. If they stop their hostile actions are you expected to act accordingly (IE if the suspect gives up, drops his weapon, or turns and runs you must stop shooting.
Force Matrix:
Force Level 1
- Suspect may be verbally assaulting you or others
- Suspect starts to show aggression in his tone of speaking
- Suspect may be taunting you, or using foul language
Your Actions:
At this point in time you are not authorized to use any physical means of force at all. You may issue verbal warnings at this point in an attempt to calm down the suspect. No hands on or support equipment required.
Force Level 2
- Suspect has committed a crime
- Suspect is disobeying direct orders from a LEO
- Suspect is starting to hint at violent actions
- Suspect is starting to make aggressive movements with his body
- Suspect may seem to be preparing for a physical engagement
- Suspect is increasingly getting worse with his aggression in his tone against you, or others
- Suspect is showing disrespect against you or another person
Your Actions:
At this point in time you are not authorized to use any secondary equipment. Call for assistance using a Code 2 Backup request, and move to a hands on approach of trying to escort the person from the situation or away from potential victims using voice commands and light gestures. ((* Jesse Ventura gently pushes the man in the other direction)).


Force Level 3
- Suspect has committed a crime
- Suspect may be using physical contact against you or another person
- Suspect may be using a non lethal weapon on you or another person
- Suspect may be threatening your life or another persons life
- Suspect is actively involved in any physical fight
Your Actions:
At this time you are only allowed to only use a tazer, pepper spray or a nightstick to detain the suspect. You are to call in for code three backup from other officers at this time. Under no circumstances should you withdraw your firearm unless the situation reaches force level 4 for a serious assault or crime.
Force Level 4
- Suspect has done or is committing a felony crime
- Suspect is brandishing a firearm
- Suspect is assaulting another person with a vehicle
- Suspect has placed your life or another persons life in danger
- Suspect is seriously assaulting another person ((causing the person or you to be on low health))
Your Actions:
At this point and time we observe that the suspect is possibly threatening another human life. At this point and time you are allowed to upholster your firearm and take aim on the suspect. Under no means should you ever fire unless the force level reaches 5. Also you are NEVER to tazer any suspect that is actively discharging a firearm. Note: If you warn someone to put away/drop a firearm and they do not comply, after the fifth warning you are expected to use your own judgment on how to handle the situation.
Force Level 5
- Suspect has done or is committing a serious felony crime
-Suspect is in the act of seriously assaulting you or another person to near death
- Suspect has a firearm and is aiming at you or other civilians
- Suspect may be firing the firearm at you or other civilians
- Suspect may be in a car attempting to hit you or other civilians
- Suspect is fleeing in a vehicle after three warnings have been issued
- Suspect has a hostage
Your Actions:
At this point you are allowed to open fire at the suspect and shoot to kill. You are to do your best to avoid these situations but if they occur you are authorized to use deadly force. In regards to the suspect fleeing in a vehicle after you have gave him his ample supply of warnings your partner may shoot out his tires with approval. Once you hit one tire you should not be shooting anymore. You should radio in for code 3 assistance
When in a high speed pursuit there are a few rules you must obey:
-Do NOT overtake the lead car The lead car is the person who called the backup. Do not overtake unless they give you permission over radio to overtake them.
-If you crash your car and other officers on duty are behind you then pull over to the side and let them pass you; once the last car has gone past you follow it.
-Do NOT attempt any stupid stunts that would not most likely happen in real life.
- Always keep other units updated on your current location and the description of the vehicle; any information that might assist in their capture.
- Do NOT open fire on a vehicle who is not actively shooting itself
- No more than 3 - 4 cars are required. Do not all respond.

Going Away/Inactive:

If your going away for a few days and/or going to be inactive during that time, or you are just going to be inactive for awhile. Then let us know about it in this topic. This is very important to do if it applies to you, seriously if you go inactive for over one to two weeks and don't post it in that topic/let us know, you will be moved to the "To Be Uninvited When Next Seen" list.

Internal Affairs
Infraction Strikes:
[ X ] - Painting government cruisers or having/using other illegal modifications. (This excludes nitro for car chases.)
[ X ]- Wearing the incorrect uniform while on duty.
[ X ] - Being inside the cell area as a Cadet without permision.
[ X ] - Using unauthorized weapons. (Cadets - M4 - SWAT Officers - Grenades/Smoke/Spas/Sniper)
[ X ] - Going undercover without permission.
[ X ] - Reckless driving. (Non RP Driving)
[ X ] - Using unauthorized vehicles.
[ X ] - Not being in Ventrilo while on duty.
[ X ] - Patrolling alone when a Cadet needs a partner.
[ X ] - Patrolling alone as a Cadet.
[ X ] - Fucking around at reassignment.
[ X ] - Being intoxicated on duty. (Drinking)
[ X ] - Using /d as a Officer or below without permission.
[ X ] - Going off assigned duties.
[ X ] - Tazing/Detaining someone without giving them prior warning of stopping.
[ X ] - Taking the cruiser of another Officer/LEO without asking them beforehand.
[ XX ] - IC/OOC insults to another LEO.
[ XX ] - Use of force without verbal warning.
[ XX ] - Bringing the person's faction into disrepute.
[ XX ]- Using unreasonable/excessive force.
[ XX ] - Rushtazing.
[ XX ] - Lack of professionalism. (Whining/Immaturity/Fucking Around)
[ XX ] - Insubordination.
[ XX ] - Clearing wanted points off a suspect without prior notice nor permission.
[ XX ] - Freeing suspects from the cells without prior notice nor permission.
[ XX ] - Allowing unauthorized personnel inside the garage.
[ XX ] - Possession of Narcotics.
[ XX ] - Possession of Materials.
[ XX ] - Conspiracy of selling Materials / Narcotics / Firearms.
[ XX ] - Taking a civilian vehicle without giving them a reason beforehand.
[ XXX ] - Spamming in /R or /D.
[ XXX ] - Stacking charges.
[ XXX ] - Using any kind of unnecessary force on a suspect while Tazed/Cuffed.
[ XXX ] - Abuse of powers.
[ XXXX ] - Material running without permission.
[ XXXX ] - Assault on another Officer.
[ XXXX ] - Revealing an IA Agent's name.
[ XXXXX ] - Corruption. (Results in removal from the faction...)

If a Cadet reaches their third strike, instead of getting suspended, they will get fired.
[ X ] One strike will result in closer observation for subsequent misbehavior. No direct action will be taken.
[ XX ] Two strikes will result in a suspension from the PD for 2-5 days.
[ XXX ] Three strikes will result in demotion to previous held rank. (( I.E. if someone goes from Officer directly to the rank of Captain, their third strike will cause them to get demoted back down to the rank of Officer. If you skip ranks up, you will skip ranks back down. ))
[ XXXX ] Four strikes will result in a suspension from the PD for 4-10 days.
[ XXXXX ] Five strikes will result in getting discharged from the PD (( fired )). There may also be condition set, where said person may not be able to rejoin the PD for a certain period of time, for example, two weeks.
Filing Complaints and Infractions:
To file a complaint/infraction on another member of the P.D. please report this to ure higer ranked officer and commander
Clarifications relating to Internal Affairs:
There has been some misgivings relating to internal affairs, specificly their "powers" and abilities.
As it stands from previous commanders;
Internal Affairs is and always has been a separate entity from the PD's main body. Although they generally have rank three in game OOC'ly they are in fact unlisted ranks. In essence, IA officers have no authority over PD units excluding in matters of Internal Security, stability, and in all matters of IA investigation, also the same applies in reverse.
They are both above and below the authority of all ranks but the Chief(s) and the divisional leader of the Internal Affairs department. As Chief(s) are immune to infractions as is the IA commander.
Captains and below are however not immune to Internal Affairs jurisdictional matters and can receive infractions. Although this as far as I can recall has never happened, yet it is possible.
IA officers are to ALWAYS stay out of uniform and be off duty.
IA officers although generally are shall we say "keeping an eye on things" during quiet times it has been permitted to assist in patrols, pursuits or respond to crimes. Although that is not there focus.
IA officers have always had station to use Air One at will assuming it is actually was/is required for something, although it is not permissible to use on a general whim. SWAT always has priority of course, as do ranking LAPD officers. If a new Air patrol unit is established priority will most likely go to them also.
IA officers are able to use PD & PD cars if desired along with civilian cars. The usage of bikes has never been clarified one way or another.
IA is not here to mess up your day or get you into trouble, generally it was established to point out officer mistakes and offer advice. We're not here for a witch hunt and unless a serious accusation or suspicion is relevant. We generally don't follow you around. You don't need to be so concerned when there's an IA operative around.
"As the longest remaining operative of internal affairs I wanted to clarify these initial points. As we have a new Internal affairs commander and a new chief some of this may change depending on their joint decisions. As some people have had questions and concerns I thought I would offer the new IA director a helping hand by clarifying the original M.O of the division for you all so there is no concerns."

  LAPD Basics
Posted by: LiquiD - 12-29-2019, 05:57 PM - Forum: Los Angeles Police Department - No Replies

Policing and Service:

1) Calling for help:
If you are in need of emergency services you can call the police at 911 (( /call 911 )) and advise the call taker where it is you are and give a brief description of what is happening. One of our officers will respond to your call. We do attempt to respond to every 911 call, however, if for some reason we don’t then we will still be advised of the crime and take appropriate action.

2) Encountering the Police:

In the Police Department we pride ourselves in being professional, fair, and helpful. If you are stopped by a member of the PD, do not run, that will only cause trouble for yourself, be compliant and respectful and you will be shown respect back.

Police may conduct routine searches for illegal items, generally speaking unless you are behaving suspiciously you will not be searched, however, again, compliance is always taken into consideration.
Patrol Officer Information

Firstly, and most importantly, when you spawn make sure you go to the locker room at the pd and go on duty. Type /duty and then type /equip again and get your weapons from the armory section of the menu.

Radio Chat

/r(adio) <message>This is used to speak with the other members of the PD. This is meant to stay IC as often as possible.

Department Chat

/d(epartment) <message>Similar to the "/r" command, this is used to not only communicate with fellow PD Officers, but also communicate with members of the other factions (FBI, MD/FD, and Military). Just like the radio chat, this is meant to stay IC, but the difference between "/d" and "/r" chat is that there will be no OOC chat in "/d". If a high command notices you speak OOC in "/d" then you will get in serious trouble.


/m(egaphone) <message>The megaphone allows you to instruct citizens from a farther distance than "/s". The megaphone can only be used in government vehicles. Binds for megaphones are allowed, but are to be kept to no longer than two lines.

Wanted List

/wanted The wanted list shows the current wanted suspects. It will display their name along with how many warrants they have.

Gate Control

/gate This is used to control both gates to the garage of the PD. Once you've opened a gate, pass through it, and then close it immediately to ensure that no one trespasses into the garage. Please look behind you before closing the gate, however, to ensure that there isn't a government vehicle right behind you. If there is, just move on and let them close the gate. Also, do not abuse the gate control at any time or you may risk possible infractions.

Suspect System

/su(spect) <name/ID> <crime>This command is the backbone of the police department and is never to be abused. The suspecting system allows you to place warrants for committing crimes on a suspect, so that you can subsequently arrest them. You are NOT allowed, at any point in time, to place metagamed warrants on anyone. If you are caught doing so, you risk major infraction strikes and possible suspension time.

When suspecting a person, ensure that you have some form of identification from that person. For the most part, the person will show you their license, however, this is not always the case. If they refuse to show you any form of identification, you are allowed to RP some way of finding out their name and information (fingerprint scan, DNA test, etc.).


/ticket <name/ID> <price> <crime>This is how you can ticket individuals for smaller crimes. Generally, you should only ticket suspects if they've only committed one crime, or otherwise, a series of small crimes. Prices should stay low, never exceeding $10,000. Also, please keep in mind that you do need the suspects name before you are allowed to ticket them.



/arrest <price (cash)> <time (minutes)> <bail (0/1)> <bail price (cash)>Arresting suspects can be done at the garage of the PD. Please keep in mind that you can only arrest suspects if they have warrants for their arrest (they have at least one "/su" to their name).


/frisk <name/ID>Frisking suspects allows you to view what items they have on them. Such items that may come up include: Crack, Materials, and Weapons (MP5, Desert Eagle, etc.). When frisking someone, always put on a pair of gloves prior to using the command. It is imperative that you do so.

Taking Items

/take <item name> <name/ID>Taking items from a suspect can be quite useful, but should seldom be used. You have to be at least the rank of officer to take items. The only time you can EVER take items is weapons during an arrest. NEVER TAKE MATERIALS OR LICENSES. Doing so will likely get you demoted or fired. If someone is creating guns in jail from materials, inform a sergeant or above over radio chat about it.


/tazerThe tazer is probably your most important tool as a police officer. This should never be abused. When you take out the tazer, you somply aim it and shoot it at someone then it tazes them for a total of eight seconds. Keep in mind, you cannot taze other people in the PD/FBI/NG. The golden rule about the tazer is that if the suspect has a gun out AT ALL, the tazer is off-limits. This is to avoid any possible "rushtazing" situations. Also, prior to tazing someone, please use something along the lines of "/me pulls out a stungun and aims it at the suspect". This is to ensure that the taze was properly RPed.

Cuffing Suspects

/cuff <name/ID>Cuffing suspects allows you to put them in your custody. You can only cuff a suspect if they've either been tazed or if they have their hands up (using the /handsup command). Cuffs do break after four minutes of initially being cuffed, so keep a watch on your time.

Detaining Suspects

/drag <name/ID> <seat id>drag suspects allows you to place them in your car. To RP a detain correctly, position your car so that the suspect is next to the door that you will be detaining them to, otherwise, a simple "/me grabs the suspect by the collar of their shirt" should suffice. The seat IDs are as follows: 1 - Passenger seat, 2 - Rear driver-side seat, and 3 - Rear passenger-side seat.

Breaking Down Doors

/breakin <name/ID>Breaking down doors allows you to enter locked houses. This is NOT to be abused. The only time you should use this command is if a Sergeant or above instructs you to do so. Generally, it is used to during SWAT situations that require breaking into a house to apprehend a suspect that is considered extremely dangerous.

Deploying Roadspikes[/align
[align=center]/deployspikesDeploying roadspikes allows you to setup a simple roadspike to flatten all of a vehicles tires. This command can only used by a Captain, also a large amount of spikes can be deployed at once. When a vehicle hits the roadspike, their car will instantly have all of its tires flattened.

Destroying Roadspikes

/deletespike(s)Destroying roadspikes allows you to remove a roadspike, so long as you're right next to it, or all of them at once. This command can only be used by a Captain or above.

Standard Weapons






Shotgun(With permission of a High ranking official)










Senior Officer and Above:








Sniper Rifle (During large situations, not for patrol.)

SPAS12 (During large situations, not for patrol.)

Grenades (Only with permission from a Captain or above.)

Tear Gas (Only with permission from a Sergeant or above.)

Miranda Rights
Miranda Rights are an important part of our constitution in real life. If a police officer in real life were to forget to read the suspect his rights the suspect would be able to have all charges dropped and possibly get himself fired. Every time you put cuffs on a suspect regardless of the location or situation you must read these rights each and every time. Failure to do so will result in a infraction. There are many versions of the Miranda Rights yet we only use the one provided below.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

You have the right to an attorney after initial processing has been completed.

Do you understand these rights as I have said them?

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*Credits: r*, Sywo, OG LOCO
[Image: S_8Gn0efMYQ.jpg]

[Image: 8zPnw6lae4E.jpg]
[Image: Z7Cxquk9-nY.jpg]
[Image: gXF8BYEjIGY.jpg]
[Image: _lUr3AcZz4s.jpg]
[Image: kzzxn4XwFUQ.jpg]
[Image: fimR9iVE2io.jpg]
[Image: yIH8WCwqMWs.jpg]
[Image: xNnMB4rlxCI.jpg]

  Form submission: Gun License Application
Posted by: Vinny_Sindacco - 12-29-2019, 03:02 PM - Forum: Approved - No Replies

Your legal name: Vinny_Sindacco

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Current Address: Vinewood Hills

Have you ever been convicted of crime?: No,I have never been convicted of a crime.

Why do you need a weapon license?: I need a weapon license for personal protection,against outlaws and such.

Do you have anger management issues?: No

Are you on any prescribed drugs related to psychical related problems? : No

Do you agree that your data will be processed and your personal information used to conduct a background check?: Yes, I do agree.

  Form submission: Gun License Application
Posted by: Tony_Abramo - 12-29-2019, 01:26 PM - Forum: Approved - No Replies

Your legal name: Tony Abramo

Age: 26

Sex: male

Current Address: N/A

Have you ever been convicted of crime?: No. However I have been pulled over.

Why do you need a weapon license?: For protection.

Do you have anger management issues?: No.

Are you on any prescribed drugs related to psychical related problems? : No.

Do you agree that your data will be processed and your personal information used to conduct a background check?: Yes, I do agree.

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[Image: OjnDQ4L.jpg]