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Common problems and guidelines

This topic will be a more or less brief explanation about what you should do if you want to have greater chances of playing again (or any).

I. Common problems
I.1 One of the most common SA-MP bugs is getting the 'You are banned from the server' message upon trying to connect. If you do not remember getting banned, try restarting your router as it might fix it. If not, make sure to contact an admin on Discord to check if you're banned.
I.2 If you can't ping the server at all you are either facing a different problem unless you are range banned.

II. Popular ban scenarios
(Using any of the excuses mentioned below will most likely lead to your application getting denied)
II.1 Your account is your responsibility! We do not care if your brother/sister/cousin/friend/etc. borrowed it and they got it banned by cheating. Whatever happens you're responsible, you gave them your password and allowed them on it.
II.2 Our anti-cheat is flawless in certain domains that have been taken out of the game mod permanently, such as money. If you somehow got banned for the reason 'Money Hack' but you deny any accusation and claim innocence, your application will get denied immediately since there is no way you can obtain them. It's better to tell the truth.
II.3 You got banned for Airbreak/Weapon spawn/etc. but it wasn't your fault, you somehow had them installed on your computer and accidentally pressed the button to activate them. No you did not, you knew exactly what you were doing but it backfired, you got busted and now you can't play on our server anymore. You will be treated the same way a normal hacker will be (II.1 applies here). As mentioned above, be honest.
II.4 Playing from internet cafes is relatively dangerous. Other people might connect to our server and end up getting banned. As a consequence, the IP itself will get banned and your account might get flagged for ban evasion because it's linked to it. Again, play there at your own risk.

III. Application Guidelines
This is the most essential part. Failing to respect any of these rules will lead to your application not being taken into consideration.

III.1 First and foremost, use the form available HERE

III.2 If your previous application got denied, make sure you wait the amount of time you were told to. Doing otherwise will lock your newly created application and your forum account may get suspended as punishment.
III.3 Do NOT make an application on behalf of someone who has gotten both their ingame and forum account suspended. They will have to wait out the forum ban to expire (if it ever will). However if they do not have an account themselves it is permitted.
III.4 Do NOT lie! As mentioned in the previous sections, people who confess right off the bat have very high odds of getting a second chance. We are not idiots, you can't fool us.
III.5 Do NOT double post (making consecutive posts) - use the 'Edit post' button if you have anything else to add that you might have forgot.
III.6 Be patient! Admins have different timezones and in case we are waiting for the one who banned you to post whatever proof they have against you, it can take a while.
III.7 If your application has not gotten any new replies within an interval of 3 days, feel free to bump the topic if not told otherwise.
III.8 Do NOT pick fights with anyone! If your ban was not an accident, you are here convince us as to why we should forgive you. In fact, arguing and insulting our admins is never tolerated, even if your ban might've been a mistake, troublemakers are not welcome and will most definitely remain banned.


- The owner reserve the right to ban any player for any reason.
- PMing any admin anywhere asking for unban will not hasten the process.
- Do not release your IP address in your ban appeal or PM it.
- People who advertise their own server to our players do not get forgiven, instead they get a nifty community ban.
- People who attack our community by any means also get community banned.

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