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Form submission: Gang Application
Gang Name: Wolves Of Mayhem MC

Gang Leader: Menace_Lee

Gang Co-Leaders: Not Yet "Still Looking"

Background and story:
Menace's Story

The Wolves Of Mayhem Motorcycle Club also known as (WMMC), a gang led by Menace Lee rides into Red County, California, during a motorcycle circuits.

Cr*Logo Images From: GTAFORUMS
[Image: 7i02vKY.png]
Menace "Wolf" Lee
Was Born on 13th March of 1963, Red County California.

Menace Lee was Raised by his Grandmother until he is in High School,
In 1975, high school student Menace Lee, son of an (European Asian) Eurasian-American father and Mexican-American mother, becomes enamored of the criminal life and Motorcycle Club presence in his working class Spanish-American neighborhood in Los Santos, El Corona and begins working for local tessio "T-Bone" Mendez and his associates: Cesar "Vato" Vialpando, an Mexican-American truck hijacker and gangster; and Carl "CJ" Johnson, a fellow juvenile delinquent. Menace begins as a thug for Cesar, gradually working his way up to more serious crimes. Enjoying the perks of their criminal life, the three associates spend most of their nights in the 1970s at the Alhambra Nightclub, carousing with women. Menace starts dating Pia Martinez, a Mexican-Italian woman from the Little Italia area of Los Santos. Initially troubled by Menace's criminal activities, Pia is eventually seduced by his glamorous lifestyle. Despite her parents' disapproval, on their relationship.
In 1985, a jealous Pia harasses Menace's mistress Kate and holds Menace at gunpoint. Menace moves in with Kate, but T-Bone insists he return to Pia after collecting a debt from a gambler in Las Venturas with Cesar. Upon returning, Cesar and Menace are arrested after being turned in by the gambler's sister, an FIB typist, and receive two-year prison sentences. In order to support his family on the outside, Menace has drugs smuggled in by Pia and sells them to a fellow inmate from Red County. In 1989, Menace is paroled and expands this cocaine business against T-Bone's orders, soon involving Cesar and Carl Johnson. 
After a month of parole Menace and his friends got High-jacked by a business rival gangs on the pavement of Red County Hospital parking lot, killing Cesar and Carl Johnson on his hands, Menace was shocked after that, he saw his friend's lifeless body on the sidewalk pavement, that drive by incident making him suffer more emotional pain. Luckily Menace wasn't hit, just a scratch on his right shoulder, making by the bullet pierce on Cesar's body. After a few minutes of shouting for help, suddenly Menace got caught, by the Red County Police Officers, interviewed him for a while and no any other heavy evidence on him to blame, so they decided to sentenced him in prison for 2 years without any parole.
Starting in jail, he knew it would change after a month, Pia's not visiting him anymore, his Family moved out of the country.
A year after, Menace been serving a while now, he doesn't have any news about Pia nor his Family outside even T-Bone, he's been thinking so much, remembering anything, blaming himself and regretting the things he done, what did i do? This words are marked on his mind, questioning himself all day to find an answer.
Then suddenly some old friend of his surprisingly visits him, Menace feel emotional and excited when he heard the familiar voice, but the result is he is not happy, his old friend told him a lot of stories that making him more uncomfortable and emotional. Menace Mother died of sickness while his Father was busy making dough out of town, and after that his Father moved out of the Country without any concerns about him after his Mother died, then there goes Pia she married a Rich White Guy named "Torino" out on San Fierro.
After the conversation ends, Menace was sad and mad, feeling guilty and want to take a revenge, hearing nothing but a beep sound of silence after he is back on his cell, Menace start to deep thinking. saying "My Girlfriend left me, and so my Mother and Father was". What did i do? he said to himself again. Do i really need to change, start a new life? 
After 2 years of suffering in the hole of Satan, Menace was released in Prison. Starting a new life, Menace decided to go in Los Santos, Menace was satisfied about the result of his personality and improvement self. He became more faithful, respectable and polite to anyone, he even get a nice and cozy job after all of that, he started as a cook on a Chinese Restaurant and making some good cash earned from hard working. 
A few months later, Menace decided to go back into Red County visits some folks of him and look for a complete answer, but nothing surprise him there. everyone in there was new people roaming around except for the Old man who visits him in Prison, even T-Bone and his other friends are gone, some folks say T-Bone been gone back to Mexico when Menace is in jail. 
A day after, Menace decided to go back to Los Santos, He said "Maybe i'll get the chance here to make a new beginning", Menace was inspired when he thinks about how about i make a Family start a new Business of my own and meet people, treat them well and respect them, and i want to ride a Motorcycle again just like my Dad's Motorcycle Club Affliction when i was a kid.
This is the story will begin about his Motorcycle Club Business and Corp.

Gang Rules: No Bloody Death-Matching, Power-Gaming, Meta-Gaming, Character Kill, Revenge Killing.
Stick into our Role-play
We can take a Revenge if one of our member died but he cannot join us to get revenge.
1. If you join us you'll forever be apart of us, dying (Permanently) is the only way out.
2. Must show respect to any and all Full Patched Members.
1. Prospect's primary assignment is to protect all full patch members.(Always have a weapon out, unless told otherwise)
2. All prospects will be hazed.
3. Prospects will be allowed to attend rides.
4. Prospects are
not allowed inside the club house.
5. Prospects will pick up full patched members when spawned in session.
6. Do not ask about club business.
7. If members saw you on any other rival group making conversations, you will be kicked. (Permanently)
8. Prospect only wear the skin that's provided to them.
1. Never back-down from a fight (Fist, Gun or Knife)
2. Rank promotions are earned, not given (Don't Ask Twice or will be Kicked)
3. Always back up a fellow brothers in a fight!  Never fight with each other.
4. No Other Skins "(Only Provided One)
5. Don't Wear The President/Vice nor Founder Skin.
6. Members may vote for THEIR Charter only.
7. The Last One, All Chapters will ride together.  Keep the Nation Strong!
Keep following the Server Rules! Don't Break Anything.

Do you have at least $50.000 in your bank?: No

Rank List: Rank 9: Founder
Rank 8: President
Rank 7: Vice President
Rank 6: SGT at Arms
Rank 5: Road Captain
Rank 4: Secretary
Rank 3: Treasurer
Rank 2: Enforcer
Rank 1: Prospect

List your starting members: Menace_Lee (Still Waiting For The Others To Support)

Gang Skins: Skin ID: 100 (SGT at Arms, Road Captain)
Skin ID: 247, 254 (Enforcer, Treasurer, Secretary)
Skin ID : 51, 52 (Prospect)
Skin ID: 248 (President, Vice President).
SKIN ID: 122 (Founder My Skin)

Gang Vehicles: 2 Yosemite
2 (Like SOA Weapon Smuggling) FBI or Simple Rancher
5 Wayfarer
6 Freeway
Car Location: Park Near our HQ

Gang HQ: I can't choose between these two, maybe you guys decide. [Image: enb_2019_12_30_02_28_04_58.bmp]Idlewood or Ganton[Image: L.bmp]

Gang HQ Interior: Interior ID: 151 [Image: wKq5lwt.jpg] And Interior ID 51/105 or Check this out "https://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=475633"

Level of the gang leader: 1

Why should you be given a slot over any other gang?: I've been a co-leader of a gang last 2015 back when i was Role-playing hard with my friends, and already make my own gang before. The last gang that i managed was Tiny Rascals Gang on a Not truly hosted server but has a lot of players, every rules i followed, no any hate about me for being a gang leader. it lasted for about 6 months before i quit playing and handed it to one of my trusted friends. When the server is down i decided to stop playing SAMP, now i forgot a lot of things about it and starting again is making me feel more inspired by improving the things that been forgotten.

Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?: Yes

[Image: tumblr_pexfqtmBnA1qbmp7lo2_500.gifv]
+1 Support
[Image: o2sZy5s.png]
You have a +1 from me as well
Adam McGeek
Manager of Los Angeles Roleplay
Director of Admin Personnel
Script & Web Developer
Chief Tester
Thank you for the support guys, i really appreciate it
[Image: tumblr_pexfqtmBnA1qbmp7lo2_500.gifv]

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