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Form submission: Gun License Application
Your legal name: James Bellucchi

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Current Address: St.Pierre Commerce Num.11

Have you ever been convicted of crime?: No , i have not.

Why do you need a weapon license?: As i am a fair citizen of San Andreas , i would like to have a weapon permit in order if i get pulled over , and having a gun on me , and not having the weapon permit , i am fair gentlemen who is not abusing a gun on anyone , especially for my need , i am giving an oath that i will not do anything for my need with the weapon , i would just like to have a weapon permit , Thank you!

Do you have anger management issues?: Of course not.

Are you on any prescribed drugs related to psychical related problems? : No , i am not.

Do you agree that your data will be processed and your personal information used to conduct a background check?: Yes, I do agree.

[Image: TIga2m6.png]

[Image: jqiaXL0.gif]

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